Facial Reflexology is a deeply relaxing treatment and works on the same principle as foot reflexology, where reflexes on the face correspond to different parts of the body.


The proximity of the face to the brain is key to the effectiveness of manipulating facial reflex points that directly connect to the body's neuropathways. 


The unique benefit of Facial Reflexology is that not only does it aim to help to improve your health and wellbeing - with unique benefits for certain conditions for example migraines, bruxism, bells palsy and sinus conditions -

it can also help you look younger and give you healthy glow.

Over a series of treatments, there may be a reduction in lines and wrinkles, improved health, helping you to feel good and look your best.

These results were achieved after just 3 treatments (three weeks).  The jaw line looks smoother and the skin on the neck is much firmer).
The lighting is different as the 'before' picture was taken in the day-time and the 'after' picture was taken at night-time.  Notwithstanding this, the differences are very clear.
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