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Lea Moyles MAR

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- Lea is fully qualified in Foot Reflexology, Crystal Reflexology (Foot), Facial Cupping, Facial Reflexology (Bergman Method) and Zone Facelift (Bergman Method) therapist, with a diploma attained at the London School of Reflexology and has her own clinic in the Crystal Palace area, SE19.  Where required Lea travels to clients in neighbouring areas.  DBS checked + Enhanced DBS checked.

- Lea has a keen interest in alternative therapies and is particularly passionate about the benefits reflexology has on clients - it is deeply relaxing and allows the body and mind, space to unwind and recharge.  She takes a holistic approach to her treatments and works together with the client to help them achieve better health through lifestyle changes where needed.

- The facial treatments are really relaxing having the same benefits as foot reflexology, with the added bonus of helping you look and feel more relaxed and more youthful.  The Zone Face Lift helps to naturally stimulate collagen and elastin, plumping up skin and reducing wrinkles.  Lea has also worked with people suffering from the after effects of Bell's Palsy with huge visible improvements after a few treatments - this big improvement can be a real confidence booster for these clients.

- As a mother of two teenage children, Lea realised how receptive they also are to reflexology, often asking for treatments when they feel stressed due to school pressures/exams or just feeling under the weather, knowing it will relax them and help them feel better. 

-Over the past year, Lea has been providing reflexology to children with Autism and has had hugely positive results, where the children relax more and in cases of tourettes,  the tics are noticeably reduced.

- Prior to becoming a reflexologist Lea had a highly stressful career in management in the financial sector and her coping strategy was often to seek alternative therapies, in particular, she found reflexology treatments truly blissful and felt great afterwards.  Although she wasn't aware of it at the time, the seed was planted back then and she is truly grateful that she is now in a position to help other people, be it stress, ill health or simply to help maintain a healthy lifestyle - she finds it deeply rewarding.

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