Facial cupping is incredibly relaxing and at the same time, it tones the muscles and increases blood flow.  This process stimulates the production of collagen and elastin which plumps and tightens the skin.  It can also lessen pigmentation, producing a more even skin tone after just a few treatments.


Facial Cupping is helpful for clients suffering 
from a range of ailments related to the head
and neck area, including:

- Sinus congestion + Hay Fever                                   
- Headaches and migraines
- Facial paralysis and Bells Palsy
- Earaches
- Bruxism (teeth grinding)
- Scars



- Reduce wrinkles and lines

- Firm and tone skin and muscles

- Helps reduce pore size

- Helps reduce puffy eyes

- Increase blood circulation

- Clears Skin

- Healthy glow

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